Some May/June photos from our garden (2021)

I have yet to make some sense of the thousands of small video files form the nest box camera in our garden. Hopefully I will be able to put something together but the shear number of them makes it rather difficult. In the meantime here are a few other photos of somethings that have gone on in the garden.

We have a small obelisk in the front garden that last year was used for Sweet Peas to grow on. The twine and wire is still on it and this year it looks as though Goldfinch are trying to get some of the twine to use in their nests. Last year I saw them getting blades of grass, this year it will take them a few visits to get enough twine for a nest.

We often have Dunnocks in the garden and over the last week or two it has looked as though we have had at least one pair. These photos show that either one of them has been dragged through the bushes by a cat or it is a newly fledged bird.

Our nest box with the internal camera is still visible, it has not yet been hidden by the Clematis. The parents were busy feeding the young. The caterpillars seem to be much more nutritious compared to the spiders we saw in previous weeks. The chicks are growing fast and the parents are taking away, or eating, the obligatory faecal sack.

The video files that we had seen recently start to show that the chicks were hopping up towards the entrance so I had a look through an upstairs window. This shows that we do not have long to wait for their fledging. More photos from the inside of the nest are to follow.

I hope this works for people over the internet. This video was taken from our back garden with the camera in the shade of the chimney. It is looking West just before 5:00pm on 30 March. I often see seeds floating past, but the numbers in this video are just amazing. I have looked on a few occasions since and seen nothing like these numbers.