Close-up in the graveyard

On Tuesday afternoon, on the way back home from a look around Providence Mill in Baildon, I noticed a blue butterfly in the graveyard so I went home to get my Sigma 105mm macro lens.

When I got back to the church yard I didn’t see any more blue butterflies but while waiting for one to show I did wander round with my camera. This is the first time I have had a decent session with the lens.

There were quite a few areas of Bluebells varying from light blue to quite dark blue.

Herb Robert

Blankets of Forget Me Not

And hundreds of Dandelions, some with small black insects

and others as seed heads.

I need to go back to get some wider shots of this plant so that I can identify it. At least with this shot you get an idea of scale because of the two Aphids on it.

Edit: I have now been back and can identify the plant as Aquilegia/Columbine

Lady’s Smock

Cherry Blossom is still on quite a few of the trees and looks like a blizzard when a strong gust of wind catches it.

The air was thick with Aphids, Hoverflies, Wasps, etc. From the head of this one I would hazard that it is some kind of Hoverfly

And this one is one of the various kinds of … Er!

This Speckled Wood was the only butterfly I spotted.

One of the fir trees in the church yard had ladybirds and Harlequins on the ends of most of its branches. Hundreds if not thousands of them.

There were also lots of Grey Mining Bees around. This one has just left its round nest hole that you can see behind it.