Ben Rhydding Gravel Pits 24 July 2020

I have made yet another visit to Ben Rhydding Gravel Pits, partly because I like driving my new car, partly because I have been able to top the battery up free of charge, but mainly because it was a sunny day and I still want to get a good photo of a flying Brown Hawker – yet to be achieved, but I include a shot here.

The photos above are of things seen within the nature reserve. Again, on this visit, there were lots of what looked like Large White butterflies flitting around but they seldom stayed still.

With the water treatment works across the road on one side and the river with fields on the other there were Cormorant, Oystercatcher and Lapwing easily visible from the more open areas of the reserve.

Thursday Evening on Baildon Moor (Barn Owl!!)

I am still working my way through my photos from the weekend, but yesterday, when I went out, I didn’t take anywhere near as many so they have been easier to sort through. They are not cracking quality but are nice reminders of the hour spent on Baildon Moor in the evening.

There were plenty of Meadow Pipits around and a few Skylark and a cool wind coming from the West so I wasn’t thinking of spending too long there.


As is often the case I heard the Oystercatchers before I saw them. Two flew over head. I often see and hear Oystercatchers when in Roberts Park they make a very distinctive noise so it is one of those that I am confident of identifying.

I walked along the path, a bit backwards and forwards because I was half thinking of heading back to the car. The sky seemed clear blue when I left home but by the time I was over the other side of Baildon Moor the sun was behind quite thick cloud and the evening was looking rather grey.

But then evening seemed to brighten up when…..

Barn Owl

… a Barn Owl drifted past.

Barn Owl

It flew over silently giving me a look as it went by. When it was a fair distance away it circled a spot, getting lower then dropped into the grass.

Barn Owl

After quite a few seconds it came up and started flying back towards me with something in its claws. I can see two little legs and a tail.

It went off into the distance to feed its young somewhere.


I had heard quite a few Curlew over towards High Eldwick and could see them drifting in as they make their weird call. This one came from over the fields and flew over the golf course.


I then tried my hand at photographing Swifts as they flew around the side of the hill. More practice needed.