Wren and chicks from Saturday

Here’s another set from Saturday. I often hear Wrens, they are noisy things for their size, but spotting them can be tricky, and spotting them with young is even harder.

Wren with food

This was the first one I saw, with food. So I kept my eyes and ears open for more.

Wren parent looking for food

When I first took this shot I assumed this was an adult Wren looking for food. But now, looking at its beak, I think it is a juvenile. The beak is a lighter yellow and the lighter shade goes further back to make the bright gape of the hungry mouths. I don’t know if the webs are from spiders or caterpillars. Probably spiders.

Wren Chick

A juvenile calling for food.

2 Wren Chicks

And then 2 juveniles calling for food.

2 Wren Chicks + parent

And now, between them we have a dutiful parent with food.

2 Wren Chicks + parent

Which to feed? The one that shouts the loudest or the one that looks as though it needs feeding up?

Wren parent with food

This parent has some food with skinny legs…

Wren Chick open wide

what’s the best thing to do with a beak full of legs?

Wren Chick being fed

Push it into the nearest gaping mouth. It doesn’t surprise me that juvenile has its eyes closed.

Wren Chick, parent flying off

Then with a jump and ….

Wren Chick, parent flying off

a flap off goes the parent for more food.