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I am going through my photos in the Organiser of Photoshop Elements. I seldom use the editor so the full program is a bit of overkill. I should do some research and look for another program that lets me add captions, descriptions, tags (in hierarchies), add to a map and add to an album hierarchy.

I am a little surprised at how many files I have not cataloged. I am going to be busy. But while I am at it I am finding some that I quite like. Some of them are worth sharing.

New Mill and Weir, Saltaire

Working at Salts Mill made it handy for getting photos like this, but I had to plan it because I don’t always take my tripod to work with me.

Horse on the skyline

I remember a few years back I saw a horse and rider on the brow of a hill. The sky was white and snow was on the ground. At the time I wished I had my camera with me. I would have needed a long lens to make anything of it but it was a brilliant photo in my head. This shot reminded me of those thoughts.

When I have been out and about along the river people have often said “I’d love to see a Kingfisher. Never seen one.” I hope many of them have been successful. The main thing you have to do it turn up your senses. Listen for the high “peep” and then look. In this case I needed to follow my own advice. I didn’t hear anything.

And it wasn’t until after I had pressed “delete” that I noticed the little flash of blue on the tree trapped on the Hirst Wood weir on the river Aire.

Thankfully the program I was using puts things in the Recycle Bin so I could get it back.

This one of the Moon reflected on the weir at Roberts Park was taken about the same time as the one of New Mill above but 3 days later.

This is a view of the river at Denso Marston Nature Reserve taken in March 2012.

There is no topic to the images I am putting in this post other than they are ones I am finding interesting as I go through and add tags to them in the Organiser.

This one is of an unused part of Salts Mill. It is the roof space two floors above what is the Pace Gym. The left hand windows look out onto what is the Salts Piazza. I went up there to see if the windows gave me a better view of the Kestrels that were nesting. The windows only opened at the top and the view was quite poor.

This one is of aerial acrobatics suspended from a Helium filled sphere. The building in the background is Bradford City Hall. The event was the official opening of City Park.

The two ropes from the sphere were fastened to two people who could move about. As they moved further apart the sphere would come lower. On several occasions she was able to touch the up-raised hands of the people below.

I have only managed to go through two months worth of uncatalogued photos. At this rate I will be looking like the character above before I have finished.

This was spotted in one of the apartment windows of Victoria Mills, Shipley.

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