Tail end of storm Ciara

Once the rain had died down a bit on 9 Feb 2020 I went out to see what the river was like down at Buck Lane, Denso Marston Nature Reserve, behind Charlestown Cemetary, and at the footbridge across from Midland Road.

The first evidence of the storm was the tree that had blown over. By this time most of the clearing up on the road had been done but it is likely that as much work again has to be done to dispose of the everything and make the hole in the ground good.

I then walked down the snicket at Hoyle Court Road and down the path towards Denso Marston Nature Reserve only to find that the river was way up the path past the first gate so there was no way in. I then walked back up and went down Buck Lane only to find that the path leading up to the footbridge was under more than 30cm of water. One of the photos above shows what looks like a fridge that smashed into the bridge. There was not much clearance between the water and the underside of the bridge.

From Buck Lane I walked along just below the fence of the industrial estate of Sapper Jordan Rossi Park back towards the footpath to the reserve. At one point I accidentally disturbed a male Pheasant. I don’t know which of us was the more startled. This is evidence of why you should stick to the paths.

I then went down the path by the side of Teledyne at Acorn Park. I could get down to the path but it soon sloped down and was underwater in both directions.

The next attempt was from the back of Charlestown Cemetery where I could see that the path made of stone slabs was under water, as was the outlet from Barnsley Beck.

I then walked down Otley Road to the footpath opposite the end of Midland Road. From the footbridge I could see that the riverside footpath was underwater.

By this time the intermittent showers meant I was rather wet so I headed for home, going up past the Charlestown allotments.

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