Trout at the Weir

On Friday lunch-time I went to the weir at Robert’s Park and I could quite easily have spent the rest of the afternoon there. The fish leaping out of the foaming water at the weir were really great to watch. I stopped there again on the way home. I took in the region of 450 photos but as you might guess with the subject most were just of water or blurred.

Remember this is in the middle of Shipley/Saltaire/Baildon not out in the country somewhere. A great place to live/work.

This first one is actually made from a sequence of 4 shots. How do they get that high? I am really pleased with my 7D and its fast frame rate. As usual, click the image to see it bigger at flickr.

Trout trying to leap the weir

This one is a single shot. I wonder how many fish are actually in the water if so many of them can be seen out of the water like this?

Trout trying to leap the weir

If they hit the flow of water on the weir right (wrong?) they really get thrown up and around. They don’t seem to be hurt though.

Trout trying to leap the weir

Somehow they manage to burst out of the water even though it is flowing at a rate that I would call dangerously fast – but then I’m not a fish.

Trout trying to leap the weir

I think this one, below, clearly identifies them as Brown Trout but I am only going by a simple Google search, I am certainly no expert. If I am wrong please let me know.

Trout trying to leap the weir

As I said, they just burst out of the water.

Trout trying to leap the weir

Two more having a go.

Trout trying to leap the weir

I don’t know if it was co-incidence or just me noticing them but when the fish were busy leaping the Blackheaded Gulls swarmed round a bit. Where has this one put its legs and feet though?

Black Headed Gull

I have added another post with just one photo of Trout on the weir here.

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