Two more Ingress trips in December 2016

A trip to Norwich

You might think that Norwich is a long way to go for Ingress but I did have another reason for going. The two reason together made it seem a sensible thing to do. Honest.


A view of Norwich Castle with a poster advertising “Fishermen to Kings” – an exhibition of Olive Edis photographs in the Castle Museum and Art Gallery. There is a BBC 1 program that may still be available to watch if you are quick.


Just in front of the Castle are the Castle Mall shops and this is the roof in the Castle Mall Gardens.


I forgive them for not doing it in this photo because it was late on a cold December afternoon but I am sure the door is usually a little wider open and the light on the pavement inviting people in off Elm Hill into The Bear Shop.


This detail of the window shows some of the choice.


Just round the corner from The Bear Shop is Britons Arms a coffee shop and restaurant that looks as though it could be a nice place for lunch or afternoon tea.


And around the corner from Britons Arms is this view of Friars Quay looking towards The Mischief, The Ribs of Beef and Fye Bridge St.


This is a view of St Andrew’s Church taken from the bottom of Prince’s St


And just across from there are The Halls, Norwich. I’m sure most of these buildings look equally, if not more, inviting during proper daylight.

A trip to York

I have been to York quite a few times and many of them for Ingress and several of those trips were to meet up with others playing the game. In fact one of them was just after I had got to level 8, so that was back in early 2014 – 23 February to be exact. This latest trip in December 2016 was a solo trip and I only have a couple of photos to show for it. As I expected I was followed by, and followed, the Enlightened. They like to tidy up as quickly as possible.


I could have done with a bit more practice with this shot. It would also have been better if I had a tripod and didn’t feel conspicuous taking photos in the street. This is outside what was BHS on Coney St. next to the Yorkshire Bank. I have a couple of ideas where I want to take photos similar to this one but I don’t like photographing people 🙁


This photo is the clock on St Martin le Grand parish church on Coney St, York. The figure on the top is known as “Little Admiral” taking a sighting on the sun with his sextant. He survived the fire after the bombing in 1942. The gilded head of Father Time on the side is a replacement for the one that got damaged. The clock is of course a portal in Ingress.

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