Unusual house caller

We have had many visitors to our kitchen but today was the first time I have noticed a Thrush in the house.

I heard a fragile “tap, tap, tap” outside and went to look. On our patio a Thrush was tapping a small snail shell on the ground. I didn’t shoo it away but went for my camera.

Thrush on patio wall

When I got back it was on the patio wall but then surprised me by coming closer.

Thrush on kitchen threshold.

The next I saw of it was on the kitchen threshold.

Thrush in the conservatory

It soon hopped out so I carefully went to the kitchen door. The Thrush was no longer on the patio. It had decided to have a look around the conservatory. But not on the outside, poking in the gutters for insects and worms, like a normal Thrush, but inside.

Thrush checking out the magasine rack

It also had a look in the magasine rack.

Thrush on patio wall

After opening both doors to the conservatory it happily hopped out and onto the patio wall again. I’ll be watching for you, I’m not having you in the house watching the World Cup.

The images are on flickr and you should be able to click on any of them except the very top “feature” image to view them within the album or you can view the whole album using this link. There are several extra photos in the album.

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