Views from Salt’s Mill chimney

Edit: I have now uploaded 102 more photos taken from the top of the chimney. You can see them all within this set on flickr.

A few of you will know that I have taken lots of photos of Salt’s Mill both inside and out. I have been down under ground, in the reservoir, up into the roof and on the roof. But today’s shots are a bit different. I have only posted 4 so far, there are plenty more to come. The photos were taken with my old (?) Canon 1000D. I fully charged the battery on Sunday, emptyed the memory card and then on Monday morning handed it over to someone who is a little less scared of heights than I am. He then took it up to the TOP of the chimney of Salt’s Mill.

As usual you can click on the images to view them larger on Flickr. The other text links will take you to older photos on Flickr, except for the last text link “The Knoll” which takes you to a little snippet on the Baildon Wiki.

This shot is of one of the tips of the lightning conductors so it still fits within my Different Views of Salt’ Mill set on Flickr. I don’t think it would have been as clear as this if I had taken it with my long lens from the ground. 🙂

Lightning conductor, Salt's Mill

The other shots in this post are not of the mill but it is the mill chimney that makes them different. The centre of this shot, below, is Victoria Hall on Victoria Road, Saltaire with the rooves of the Saltaire village around it.


This one, below, is the United Reformed Church in Saltaire. Look at the colours of the fallen leaves in the grounds of the church. The cricket pavillion in Robert’s Park is just to the right of it.

United Reform Church, Saltaire

This one below shows the tax office, the River Aire and Coach Road but the tree covered hill is Fairbank Wood on which Charles Stead, a director of Salts’ Mill, built The Knoll. Sir Titus Salt sold him the land.

The Knoll, Baildon

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  1. I do the website for Saltaire United Reformed Church bell ringers. Please may I use your picture of the church taken from the top of the mill chimney on our website. Incidentally you have put reform rather than the correct word. Reformed. Many thanks. Roger

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