Willow Warbler

This is pretty much a copy of my posting to Friends of Baildon Moor website here

I have been up on the Moor a few times recently and have some photos that hopefully will look good enough to post on here. David Sturge, Richard Freeman and I have also been on the Moor with our strimmers trying to keep some of the paths open. Last Thursday we had help from a biker who we got talking to. He did a really good job of clearing the cut bracken off the path. Thanks very much. This Thursday we are up there again with the strimmers.

Here are a couple of photos of a young Willow Warbler on the edge of the Moor. I had to be quick getting these before it dropped down into the undergrowth. I stayed around the area as still and quiet as I could but it didn’t come back up.

Young Willow Warbler

Young Willow Warbler

And this shot is of a Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnett Moth that likes Thistles. Except in this case it is on some kind of grass. (?) 🙂

6 Spot Burnett Moth

Thanks Peter. I’ll take your word for it being a 5 spot and not a 6 spot.

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