Yeadon Tarn

I had a little trip out to Yeadon today. I took the car out and plugged it into a charger at Library and topped the battery up while I played a little Ingress and walked around Yeadon Tarn.

The header image is a rather smart looking male House Sparrow. The birds and butterflies were not the only things flying around. Several Jet2 aircraft were taking off and landing at the airport. I hope the holiday makers manage to get back without too much difficulty.

Lots of small looking white butterflies were flitting around. The ones that were still enough for me to identify were Green Veined Whites. There were also several Willow Warblers around. It was nice to get a half decent photo showing the yellow tinge to confirm that the two syllable “tweet” I had heard was Willow Warbler and not Chiffchaff. I did not notice the weak and wheezy call of Bullfinch so I was surprised to spot this one but it was brought to my attention by a Willow Warbler flitting about in the bushes right next to it.

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