Yet another visit to DMNR

I met up with a couple of members of the Shipley Camera Club down at Denso Marston Nature Reserve on 10 Jan. They took some excellent photos while they were there of Squirrels, Bullfinch, Blue Tit, Great Tit etc. The header image of the Bullfinch is my attempt at the same thing.

I also got a shot of a Chaffinch at the Spider Club bird feeding station.

I then went looking for other birds, in particular I was hoping to get sight of Goldcrest. I found one area of trees and bushes where I am pretty sure there were five of them and another area where I think there were three in amongst a flock of Long Tailed Tits and a few Blue Tits. The low light, their size and the fact that they are never still meant that most photos, if they had a bird in the frame, were blurred.

On the way back to the gate I spotted a Little Grebe near the opposite bank and a Pheasant that seemed to be keeping an eye on me. On this visit I did not spot any Roe Deer or Mink.

A Grey Heron flew along the river and then banked round between the trees towards the pond. I retraced my steps a bit but couldn’t see the Heron. I knew that it would see me before I saw it so I left it so it could go looking for fish and frogs undisturbed.

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