York Birds of Prey

On 20 July 2019 I was given a lift to the York Birds of Prey Centre by a fellow member of Shipley Camera Club. Andrew, the founder of the club who was with us, had organised the trip for 10 of us.

I felt obliged to go on the trip because I was promoting wildlife photography to the camera club and several skills needed in the wild could be practiced. However I don’t think I will go to such places again and now feel that I would have made more of a case for wildlife photography by not going.

After a cup of coffee we had a wander around with our cameras. Quite a few of the birds were held on perches in front of their enclosures so we had opportunities to take some nice portraits.

During the day there were also several “demonstrations” of the birds flying. Eagle Owl, Barn Owl, Golden Eagle, Kestrel, Peregrine Falcon, Kookaburra, Red Kite and several others.

The join between the upper and lower beaks of this Kookaburra curves in a way that makes it look as though it is smiling and happy with flying.

We also had the opportunity to “hold” several of the birds.

The staff did a good job of getting people to take part

Getting photos of the birds slowly flying towards you or perched was not too difficult.

Getting photos of them flying past or, like the Peregrine, flying fast was not so easy but it was great to see them flying around so close to us all.

In some cases the treats the birds were getting seemed rather meagre to me, a chicks foot, but for all I know that could be a delicacy to an owl.

Some even sat down to get the shot they wanted.

Map showing location of York Birds of Prey Centre.

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