Some of the Marfells

Leonard Albert HIDE

Leonard Albert HIDE
Given names
Leonard Albert

leonard albert hide was married to veronica marfell they had two children myself michael john hide and Jane hide .

micheal john hide is married to matalice faye hide [nee benton] we have two children holly [unmarried and amanda who married ric davenport .they have two children to date katie faye and richard .

Jane hide is married to dieter carstens ,they have 3 children, stephen, michael and christian.

Monica marfell married .....? mcgill. there was no issue

Marie tryphena marfell died in monti carlo and is buried in bishops cleeve near cheltenham.

marie was married to michael castle ther was no issue

veronica marfell [my mother] monica [her twin sister] and leonard albert hide [my father] are all buried at warblington church just outside havant regards mike hide email 13/08/2005