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A couple of early May walks on Baildon Moor, 2024

With the sun shining on Friday and Saturday I decided to have a wander around Baildon Moor. Each time I started from near the cattle grid at the end of Glen Road. Using an Optech Triple Camera strap I have my Canon R7 with Sigma 150-600mm lens on the right, a Canon 7DMk2 with Sigma 105mm f/2.8 macro on the left and binoculars in the middle. I also have a Sparrow water bottle with iced water hanging from something by a little carabiner. On Saturday I also had a 1.4x teleconverter on the long lens with the lens mounted on a LensMaster gimbal on a tripod. Is it any surprise that my legs ache a bit once I get home?

Right next to the timbers of the gate were the first little things I spotted. A lone Alder Leaf Beetle (?) on the timbers, quite a few Red & Black Froghoppers on the grass and a rather strange looking Click Beetle.

I walked North, keeping the wall on my left. I could hear a few birds around and even managed to spot a Skylark high in the sky singing away, no photo of it because all it would be is a dot against the clouds. Several Willow Warblers could be heard in the trees and one of them was in branches over the path. Reed Bunting could be heard but I couldn’t see any perched at the top of Bracken or Brambles but the spent a few seconds looking for one in a tree. I spotted it through all the leaves. When I got to the other side of the tree I got a better sight of it. The wall was a perch for Curlew and Meadow Pipits.

I kept hearing Cuckoo, sometimes behind me, sometimes by the side and then in front, so I was hopeful of seeing one.

Before turning right to follow the path I watched some distant Lapwing wheeling around and calling to scare off Crows, and then spotted a Hare running straight towards me. Normally, when I spot them, they are running away. With the silent shutter on my mirrorless camera I was able to get several shots of it. I thought it was going to jump over the low part of the wall right in front of me but at the last minute it veered off slightly and jumped over another low patch and disappeared.

I then decided to turn right to follow the path by the wall. As I turned the ground crunched a bit and then just to the side it erupted with a loud squawk and a flutter. Terrified, I watched a female Pheasant jump over the wall where the Hare had gone. Where it had leapt from was a tiny Pheasant chick looking up at me. I took a quick photo of it and walked up to the next corner where I could look back and see the Pheasant return. Hopefully they are both OK.

On Friday’s walk I went through the Sconce campsite and along Sconce Lane past Ash House Farm, Faweather Grange and Birch Close Farm. I took some photos of them that I intend to put on BaildonWiki.

Before getting to the gate I heard a Cuckoo and finally saw it in a tree below me. A Meadow Pipit was fluttering around it. It did not look as though it was trying to feed it, more like it was trying to move it on.

On Saturday’s walk I turned back before getting to the oven door gate at Sconce and this time spotted a Cuckoo in the trees by the 9th green of the golf course. It then headed off towards the White House.

Over near the 12th Tee I spotted a pile of dirt cores. At first I wondered if it was the remains of a tipped Cannabis farm but it would have taken some effort to get it that far from the road. This is supposed to be moorland (? acid moorland) but here is the golf club trying to improve soil condition by aerification.







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