A few photos from Tuesday (8th June 2021)

A few photos from Tuesday (8th June 2021)

I haven’t taken my camera out much this year nor have I been on to Baildon Moor much this year. Tuesday seemed like a good day to have a wander.

During the morning I had my camera to hand in the garden and spotted several Large Red Damselflies, some of them mating. Earlier in the year I had seen rather bright Orange Tip butterflies. I followed this female Orange Tip as it flew around lots of flower heads hoping that it would settle. Several times it looked as though it was about to but this was the only time it settled during several trips through the garden.

During the afternoon we went for a pleasant walk on Baildon Moor. We could hear several Curlew and spotted a few in the fields. In previous years I have seen twenty or so Lapwing take to the air to scare off predators. Today we saw about eight mobbing a Crow that was being quite persistent in its attempts to pick something up from the ground – probably a Lapwing chick.

There were quite a few Meadow Pipits around and we spent a while scanning the sky for Skylark. We could hear them but it can take a while to spot the tiny dot in the sky as it sings away. I was pleased to see the Linnet, at first I thought it was a young Meadow Pipit or Skylark feeding on the fairway but closer inspection showed it to be a Linnet. Of the numerous people we saw with dogs I think only two of them had them on leads. No wonder there were several Skylark in the air, they were being scared off the fairways by dogs.

Towards the end of our walk we heard several emergency sirens and saw a few flashing blue lights. An Air Ambulance flew in and landed over towards Bracken Hall Green. A little later we saw several vehicles and the helicopter leave so we were a little surprised to see ambulances, fire tenders and unmarked vehicles with tucked away blue lights still on Glen Road. On Facebook I later read that someone had been sitting on rocks, lost their balance and fell off.

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