A Quick Trip to Yeadon

This morning I had a few minutes in Yeadon and managed to get halfway round Yeadon Tarn before I had to leave. Click on an image to see it better quality in its gallery.

As expected there were lots of Canada Geese, Swans, Mallard and Black Headed Gulls. There were also quite a few Tufted Ducks. At the North end of the Tarn I heard something near the edge so I tried to keep hidden while watching. After a minute or two a Great Crested Grebe showed itself rather nicely before diving and disappearing. A juvenile Cormorant was perched on the timber before dropping into the water and paddling across the Tarn. It was so low in the water that you could only really see its neck and head.

Just before I left a rather smart looking Pilatus PC 12 (IRL281) from the Irish Air Corp landed at the airport. Pilot and passengers can be seen wearing masks.

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  1. Thanks Paul, I saw it sat just there and thought it might be a Cormorant but my old eyes couldn’t be sure as it stance didn’t seem as upright as the adults. Andrew

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