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A Stuffed Sparrowhawk

I got a phone call from my neighbour today. He told me about a bird in his garden that was tucking into a Pigeon. After looking through one of our windows I’m afraid I cut him off a bit short, he was telling me a bit about how it had progressed but I had to tell him I needed both hands for my camera and lens. I hope he appreciates the photos.

I have used a photo of the bird in a tree after it had eaten enough. This is so those that aren’t keen on the sight of blood aren’t taken by surprise. There is no need to look any further if you are one of those people.

Judging by the size of its crop it has had a substantial meal. Most Pigeons I see in the garden are Wood Pigeons which are a decent size so I am not surprised the bones have yet to be picked clean. The Sparrowhawk looks full.

You can click on an image to see it in the album and it should be a clearer, better image.





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