Adel Dam on Wednesday

Though it was raining I went along to Adel Dam Nature Reserve on Wednesday.

At the first hide the feeders were busy with Nuthatch, Blur Tits, Great Tits, Woodpeckers, Mandarin Duck, Magpie and Chaffinch with Moorhen quietly messing around near the water. A Kingfisher went pee-peep and perched on a branch for a second before flying off.

At the 2nd hide one of the birds I spent a bit of time watching was a Little Grebe. It was frequently diving and coming up with small fish. It is not until I saw it near ducks that I was reminded of how little they are. I had spent quite a bit of time watching the Little Grebe before I realised that there were two of them and they were taking it in turns to sit on a nest.

On several occasions I heard and then saw bits falling from high up in one of the trees. I looked over the tree with my binoculars but it was probably the forth time that I saw bits falling that the squirrel was finally showing itself as it snipped off and tucked into the nuts on the tree.

Other visitors that added yo the interest were a Bank Vole, Kingfisher (which flew a few circuits of the water but kept quite hidden when perched) a Chiffchaff and a Great Spotted Woodpecker.

I think the noise of the rain and the splashes on the water helped make the afternoon relaxing. The Mandarin Ducks didn’t seem to mind it either and it looked as though they swam out onto the water when it was at its heaviest instead of staying under the cover of some of the overhanging trees.

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