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  • Wednesday at the Gravel Pits

    Wednesday at the Gravel Pits

    On Wednesday I took my camera down to Ben Rhydding Gravel Pits. I didn’t see the caterpillar the allthingsmothy had posted about but is was still worth the visit.

  • Early August Butterflies

    Early August Butterflies

    I don’t know what causes the difference but on some days the Buddleia in our garden can be teeming with butterflies and on other days it is just thousands of bees and hover flies. Here we have a few photos of a busy couple of days on the Buddleia.

  • Baildon Peace Garden and Bracken Hall Farm in July

    Baildon Peace Garden and Bracken Hall Farm in July

    After the building of the new Baildon Community Link and the demolition of the old decontamination centre that had been used the space was turned into a Peace Garden. On Sunday I had reason (Ingress) to be near there and I just happened to have my camera with me fitted with a macro lens.

  • 22 July in our garden

    22 July in our garden

    This is just a few photos of some wildlife in our garden late Thursday afternoon. I spotted what was either a Meadow Brown or Small Heath butterfly, I could only see the underwing, but I wouldn’t have expected to see any of them in our garden. So went to get my camera but of course […]

  • July 2021 Wanders

    July 2021 Wanders

    This is a collection of photos from several trips out. As with a few recent trips one of the reasons for the places I went was for Ingress uniques. The first set are from around Tong Park Dam, then along a tiny part of the Welcome Way and then on to Baildon Moor, South of […]

  • Field Mouse in our garden

    Field Mouse in our garden

    On Tuesday I spent some time in the garden. I noticed an area of Herb Robert twitching in a way that didn’t seem to be caused by the wind. I set my camera up and waited. Different parts of the plant twitched. I kept seeing movement in the shadows and occasional glimpses of brown. Was […]