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Category: Potter Pits

  • Potter Pits 20 July 2020

    Potter Pits 20 July 2020

    I spent half an hour at Potter Pits near Shipley Station on Monday. Very few butterflies but I still enjoyed taking a few photos. All the photos are in the one gallery so once viewing an image you should be able to scroll through them all. I find it much better to do this on […]

  • Potter Pits, 8 Aug

    Potter Pits, 8 Aug

    I had a look at Potter Pits, Shipley Station Butterfly Meadow and the site of the cinema on Thursday. Please click on any of the images to view in their gallery where you can also view them full size. Walking along the narrow entrance to Potter Pits I saw a few butterflies but they quickly […]

  • Potter Pits on Tuesday

    Potter Pits on Tuesday

    I took my Macro lens along to Potter Pits on Tuesday. Before going under the railway arch I heard a rather heavy train going over the bridge and saw old carriages, including several restaurant cars heading into Shipley station though I don’t think it stopped. This shot is of the tail end of it showing […]

  • Potter Pits, Shipley

    Potter Pits, Shipley

    I have had another visit to Shipley Station Butterfly Meadow which was still teeming with Burnet Moths. This time I didn’t spot any Common Blue butterflies. I then went under the railway arch into what I now understand to be called Potter Pits. I would like more information about how this got its name, always […]