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Day 1 in our garden

I say Day 1 but I don’t expect to keep count. “Stay at Home”. Who knows what excitement the next few weeks are going to bring. I have spent a few hours in the garden today. One of the tasks was to tidy up after hacking away at the Buddleia, there is no way I could use the term pruning. With a bit of luck and a lot of sunshine the bush may survive.

While I was working I also had my camera on a tripod ready to take photos of whatever took my fancy. I was quite surprised at the number of butterflies around. One of them was a Brimstone that quickly fluttered across the garden and over the fence. I have yet to see one settle in the garden so the chances of getting a photo of one are quite remote. Perhaps I will have a better chance down at Denso Marston Nature Reserve when I get the chance to visit again.

I think the first butterfly I spotted was a Tortoiseshell though. A few times one settled either feeding or sunning itself.

There seemed to be several Comma butterflies around some looked quite small. In the second photo above you can see the Comma on the underside of its wing.

A Peacock butterfly settled on out fence for a few seconds, warming its wings in the sun, before flying off down the gardens.

Blue Tits and Great Tits were flitting about the bushes and one Blue Tit was checking one of the bird boxes. There were a few noisy Goldfinch and Dunnocks around, singing from near the tops of some of the trees. But several times a small flock of Long Tailed Tits wandered through and some of them showed themselves rather nicely.

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