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Day 11 in our garden (Warning! Spider alert!)

We are well into day 12 before I have got this blog post ready. All the photos are from yesterday though, I have not started cheating yet, and even then I will probably tell you when I am. I have just checked that the EXIF data that is displayed with the image once you have clicked on it does not include the date. If I post them to flickr though, you will be able to see the date and time and lots of other data. All the photos in this post were taken with my Macro lens. Haha! All the photos I say. There are only 3 of them, 4 if you count the header image of a Snail shell I found on the the coping stones of one of the front garden beds.

Please heed the warning in the title. I am saving the Spider photo until last to give people a chance of avoiding it if they want. Those that like spiders – feel free to scroll down.

Decisions, decisions. Which should come next? People don’t mind photos of Ants, do they?

This Ant is the next photo because this was also in the front garden. It was scurrying along the stones of the path. It is not until you are crouched over them with your camera trying to follow them in the viewfinder that you realise how fast they are moving, none stop too.

Here is something you always wanted to see, poo! In this case Hedgehog poo. I have lent my trail cam out so I don’t have anything to set up over night to get a video of one. In the past I have heard one snuffling around outside but that is usually quite late in the day. Occasionally we might have left the curtains open in the evening, so when the TV has been turned off for bed, and I am at the window to close the curtains I have heard them. If the weather is OK I then sometimes go out looking for them.

And now to finish, the Spider.

This is on the side of the timber around one of the vegetable plots. It is less than a centimetre across and this image is actually made from 2 photos because of the tiny distance that is in focus in each. The back legs and abdomen are from a 2nd shot with exactly the same position but a tiny adjustment in focusing.

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