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Day 12 in our garden

10:30ish on Day 13 for posting Day 12’s photos. Not bad. A couple of repeats of previously shown birds but worth sharing I think.

While the Sun was still quite low this Blackbird was facing the Sun and singing its heart out. A lovely song.

I posted the header image, a Blue Tit in a nest box, on facebook yesterday with a comment about staying at home. Actually the Blue Tit is not staying at home yet. They are still going to and fro many times a day.

They are still busy building a nest but very often they seem to be going into the box with nothing to build with. This time I got one of them with a white feather in its beak.

These two photos are of the new species of the day. A cute little Coal Tit. I am still keeping my fingers crossed for another two visitors to the garden but I haven’t heard them for a couple of days.

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