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Day 12. Station

See here for the first posting about this @hiddenbradford #bradfordphotoaday challenge –

This posting is a nice simple one with some simple photos. I have not been adventurous or inventive. Just a few photos of Saltaire station. This first one is the one I submitted as my entry to the challenge.


I had a wander around and took several photos and it was only after viewing them on my computer that I decided to submit the one above. It is taken from the top of the stairs of Salt’s Mill – taken through the mucky window.

This one was taken from the same place a few seconds earlier, with this one I zoomed in a bit.


I also tried to get further down the line towards Bingley, but all the gates to the Saltaire allotments were locked. I did take this one from the platform though –


I also went down the line towards Shipley and took this one from the Pace car park


On the way back I noticed that the big door (from my Day 10, Door blog) was partly open so I took a quick shot so you can better judge the size of it.








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