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Day 13 in our garden

Yesterday, for Day 12, I posted what I thought was quite a nice photo of a Blackbird facing the morning Sun and singing. The header image for Day 13 is what is probably the same Blackbird but this time it has its back to the Sun as it sings. Admittedly it is something like an hour later in the day but I guess the bird will be facing the direction of what it thinks is its nearest threat. At the time another Blackbird could be heard from across the road.

While at the front of the house I had a look for Tawny Mining Bees. I couldn’t see any flying around or any on the ground. It had yet to warm up properly. In fact I waited all day for it to warm up as had been predicted by the weather people, it didn’t happen. But I did count the visible holes of the Mining Bees. This photo shows five of them. In a piece of ground, under our window, I counted 32 nest holes in an area less than 1 metre wide by 2 1/2 metres long.

The Mining Bees are quite small and noticeable because of their colour but these Bumble Bees, above, are noticeable because of their size and noise. Enormous and noisy. We have had them in our garden for a while but it is difficult to get a shot of them. When they land they head straight under leaves and are out of sight. This one is about to land and disappear under the leaves.

I assume it is something that catches my eye that prompts me to look up. (Or perhaps I often look up but don’t notice I am doing it if nothing is there? ) Yesterday I spotted a Buzzard drift over the house. It was nowhere to be seen by the time I got round to the front with my camera. Today I looked up and spotted a Red Kite high in the sky over what would probably be Tong Park. The top photo shows the size of the bird in the frame. The lower one is cropped in post processing to get a bit “closer”.

During these Days in our garden I have actually been doing some gardening and unearthing loads of worms of various sizes. Most are pink/brown/red blends but in one of the vegetable plots quite a few were pale grey and I am wondering if it is because they have been browsing through a layer of white mycellium we have in that bed. I was quite surprised when I spotted these two. They are tiny. I had just turned over a spade of soil and was pulling some twitch grass roots out when I saw these two. They looked just tiny roots pointing into the air, but as I glanced at them the top of one turned through 180 degrees. Nothing too unusual in that. Next time I glanced that way the other one turned through 180 degrees so I decided to look closer. What would prompt a root to turn like that? They were sticking out of a small piece of soil so I picked it up and it wasn’t until they dropped out of the soil that I realised that they were worms. That is my index finger in the photo.

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