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Day 16 in our garden

Yay! I have at last got to point my camera at one. (?) But that is not the only new thing for today. Let’s not spoil the trend though, the header image is yet another one of a Blackbird. This one is about to hop into the vegetable plot and start looking for tasty things to eat.

Another repeat is this Long Tailed Tit. I’m looking forward to seeing a family move backwards and forwards through the trees later in the year. I would like to get a little line up of youngsters similar to one I saw along the river Aire a few years ago – see it on flickr.

And another repeat is a Blue Tit but this one looks cute with Moss in its beak, still building a nest.

I have posted a picture of Forget Me Not before but this one has a Honey Bee flitting between the flowers.

Now we are on to the new things for this in our garden series. This is the blossom on the trees at the bottom of the garden.

I get an email from Full Moon Info that tells me when the next full moon is and the last one was at about 4:00am today. I was not up at that time so the next best thing was tonight at 9:15 when I got this photo. The Moon was very low and for this the Moon had some branches in front of it but they have just completely blurrred out. I heard Hedgehog at the time too, yet another species to be published when I get a photo.

They tend to be a bit elusive but this Collared Dove was happy to have its photo taken in our neighbour’s garden early evening.

But here is the one I have been hoping for. It’s not a good photo but I knew they were around, I had heard their rather weedy call on many occasions. The female was also there but obscured by the branches. I love these bird so if I get more photos of them I will be posting them.

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