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Day 18 in our garden

Another lovely day in the garden. The front garden, after the landscaping that was done, is starting to show promise. Other parts of the garden have some mature plants that are soon going to be laden with flowers and I have included a couple here. I was tempted to again use a Blackbird photo as the header image but thought that the Mouse would be more interesting. When I was about 9 I used to keep Mice before graduating to Rabbits.

One of the plant varieties that is showing promise is the Clamatis. We have a Clamatis Alpina “Willy” on an arbour and a Clamatis Montana climbing up a neighbour’s wall.

To celebrate the hard work we have done in the front garden we put a table and chairs out there and had a drink in the late afternoon Sun. I set my camera up on a tripod and took some photos of us raising our glasses which meant that when I spotted something across the road I had the wrong lens on the camera. To get a photo I had to step a few metres outside our boundary. No pedestrians, no cars, so I was safe. That was the furthest I have been from the house for several weeks. The first two photos were taken from a public footpath and so technically don’t qualify for this blog series. The others, and the header image, were taken from our garden after swapping lenses so I am happy to include them. I saw one Mouse, a dark one, scurry off to the right but then very soon saw the one under the hedge. This one has a pale belly so is probably a Field Mouse but I am happy to be told otherwise.

These last two are of what looks like a Blackbird pair. The male is blinking, you can see the nictitating membrane across his eye. We have a couple of pairs that visit the garden that are nesting nearby. This pair are nesting in some Ivy that tumbles over a wall just the other side of the Hawthorn hedge at the back of our garden.

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