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Day 19 in our garden

Day 19 and still with new things to show! On two of the photos you are going to have to trust me though.

The header image is of the Cherry Blossom in our back garden. I have shown some of this as it was opening – and that was only 3 days ago on Day 16 in our garden. The difference is amazing.

This is what the tops of the tree look like now.

We still have Blue Tits going in and out of one of the nest boxes. One of them flies up to the box and spends ages twisting this way and that checking to see that the coast is clear. Another flies at the hole and goes straight through. I guess that is the box is not yet permanently occupied then it could be several Blue Tits coming to check it as a site and bending over backwards as they check things out, and the ones that have been building the nest fly straight through.

Here’s another couple of repeats but I am pleased with the photos. A male Bullfinch and a Dunnock.

And now for the new things in our garden.

This, believe it or not, is May Blossom. The Hawthorn in the back has open flowers on it. There is a reason why it is called May Blossom or the tree called May Tree – it blooms in May. And Day 19 is 12 April!

These next two are the ones you are going to have to trust me with. The reason why I have included them is because I was so pleased to see them. Unfortunately the photos are so bad that even squinting doesn’t make it any easier to guess what they are.

The first one is a pair of Holly Blue butterflies, honest, flitting around each other as they travelled through our garden. The second is perhaps more recognisable, it’s an Orange Tip butterfly, at the top of the frame. I have seen single ones fly through our garden a couple of time but this time I had my camera in my hands.

For both photos I held the camera at waist height and pointed it in the general direction of the butterflies. I knew that if I lifted it up to my eyes I would not find the butterflies in the viewfinder and I would miss the enjoyment of seeing them. Using a point and shoot camera may have given me more recognisable results but would have been totally unsuitable for the shots of the Bullfinch, Dunnock and Blue Tits.

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