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Day 21 in our garden

Just one new thing from our garden on day 21 plus several birds we have seen before.

This little green caterpillar is the new one for today. I need to get a confirmed ID for it but it does look similar to the caterpillar of a Light Brown Apple Moth, which is the moth I have posted in this series – though again that ID needs confirming.

I discovered the caterpillar as I was working on the “flower” bed under the Hawthorn. A Robin was quite close watching me and it was only a few seconds after I left the area that the Robin came down, picked up the caterpillar and gave it a good swing about and bashing on the ground before swallowing it.

A female Blackbird spent sometime sunning and preening itself in the same area after eating a few insects it found.

The Blue Tits are still busy with their nest. I watched one Blue Tit pulling individual flowers off the Cherry tree , hold them against the branch it was on, peck at the back of the flower then let it drop.

A Squirrel was also eating the Cherry Blossom.

Towards late afternoon a couple of Great Tits were busy in the garden especially around the new piles of garden rubbish I had created. One was also having a drink from the dish of water – I have used that as the header image.

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