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Day 22 in our garden

Day 22 is all flying things. The header image is a Green Veined White Butterfly. At any time with any of the photos if anyone thinks I have got an ID wrong please let me know. In the past I would have simply called this a Cabbage White on the wrong assumption that it came in various sizes and variations.

Ashy (Grey) Bee in our back garden. I have already posted some pictures of Tawny Mining Bees. This one is another solitary mining Bee, the Ashy Bee or Grey Bee (Andrena cineraria) Last year I noticed these in the front garden and saw their holes in the flower bed next to the drive. This year we don’t have that flower bed and the only mining bees I have seen in the front have been the Tawny Bees. I have yet to spot any holes in the back garden. These bees can often be seen on Baildon Bank where they make their holes at the edges of the paths where the soil is trodden down. You can often see the bee just inside the hole.

Bumble Bee refers to more than 250 bees of the Bombus genus and I think this is one of them.

On Day 22 I spotted the silhouettes of three largish birds. Two of them, smaller than the third, seemed to be swooping at it, chasing it away. Brightening the image a bit shows that it is a Rook.

I know I have posted photos of Peacock Butterfly before in this series but they are still good to see.

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