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Day 27 in our garden

Things seemed quiet in the garden today apart from noisy Blackbirds and Goldfinches.

The header image is of two juvenile Woodpigeon in a tree today at the front of the house. I know I have seen Wood Pigeon flying into the tree over a few weeks, and seen them perched a the top of it, but I didn’t see a nest within the tree. I guess these two are waiting to be fed by returning parents.

The new species of the day is a Large White butterfly. If I am reading things right this is a female with the two spots on each fore wing.

And the hopeful one of the day is of this pair of Blackbirds. The black male was already feeding on the ground when the female landed. She fluttered her wings a bit after landing as if to say “Hi, this is me, your best mate.” Then they spent ages near each other feeding, throwing leaves and twigs about and pecking about.

The reason for saying “hopeful” is that my next-door neighbour was trimming the Ivy that spills of the back wall and I think there is a nest in the Ivy but just a bit further over from where he was trimming.

In the last day or so I have seen Blackbirds gathering nesting material (see Day 24) which makes it a little surprising that Wood Pigeon already have young perched in a tree.

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