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Day 29 in our garden

Two new species today. I don’t count the cargo plane as a species and though I have posted a caterpillar before this one is a different flavour.

I spotted what I thought was a tiny twig dangling and spinning half way between the leaves over the arbour and the ground. At first I thought it had been caught in a spider’s web but on looking closer it was a caterpillar crawling up its own silk thread. I tried to take photos of it blowing about on its thread but failed miserably. This one was taken once it had shimmied all the way up its thread. I need to find out why they do this.

I assume caterpillars have different flavours and I’m pretty sure this is a different species to the ones I posted before. It is definitely a lot smaller.

I have posted photos of a Large White during this series but this one is a Small White on our Clematis Alpina. They are surprisingly difficult to spot when they are still. Several times I watched it land and if I looked away to try to get in a better position to take a photo I was not able to find it again until it started moving, which usually was flying to another part of the Clematis where I would lose it again.

This photo was supposed to have the butterfly on it but I reckon it is a nice one of the Clematis.

It’s only when you look close at bees when they are feeding that you see their proboscis. Apparently it has one tube inside another and can be retracted.

This is different to the Bee Hoverfly that has its proboscis permanently stuck out in front of it.

I still see a few vapour trails in the sky. This plane was leaving no trail. I assume it is a cargo plane. There are three reasons for thinking this:-

  1. Passenger flights are down by 90+%
  2. It has a high tail and the usual passenger planes I see don’t have high tails.
  3. It looks a bit fat.

And to finish off this post, here’s another shot of a Squirrel eating the Cherry blossom. I assume there are small tasty bits at the back of the flower that would grow into a cherry. You can see empty stalks where Squirrels or birds have taken the flowers off.

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  1. Jeff Avatar

    Certainly missing the red tailed Jet2 shiny bodied plane flying over.

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