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Day 30 in our garden

Photos of two new species spotted and snapped for Day 30.

The header image, and this one, are of a Hedgehog that must have tumbled into the wheelbarrow in next door’s garden. It must have been a bit athletic during the night for that to happen. I don’t think it was dropped in there by an Eagle that thought it was a Tortoise and was helping it learn how to fly.

This grub/caterpillar was another where its life was hanging by a thread. I did try to catch a photo of it hanging there but a gust of wind caught it instead. I spent a few seconds waving my arm backwards and forwards to see if I caught the thread it was hanging by but then had a look in the grass below where it was dangling. And “yes” the photo of the grub/caterpillar is taken in our grass, as you can see the grass is a bit thin on the ground there, which is probably how I managed to spot it creeping along. It’s very different to the others I have snapped in this series.

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