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Day 33 in our garden

Things were seriously slowing down on the new species front but I have spotted a few more for Day 33’s post.

I had the wrong lens on for when this Grey Heron flew over. I had my 105mm macro lens on the camera instead of my 150-600mm long lens but it is still recognisable.

I had been taking photos of tiny things on the Oregano. Like this tiny insect that looks a bit like an Ant from the back (or a Wasp) and a Fly from the front (see the header image). As I have said before, I am no good at the ID of these little things, there are just far too many of them, and I don’t know what feature you look at to decide on an ID.

Edit: Thanks. I have been told this is a White-footed Hoverfly – Platycheirus albimanus. Looks like a good ID to me.

Another new species for Day 33 is this Speckled Wood butterfly. I don’t often see them in the garden.

The remaining photos are all “repeats” – species that I have posted photos of before in this series.

A Small White, though it was difficult to tell. I am pretty sure it had grey edging to its wing tips that did not extend very far – hence a Small White rather than a Large White.

This one may look like a new species but it is actually a recently fledged Dunnock. A couple of adults were flitting about the garden getting food but I didn’t see this one being fed. It kept disappearing into the bushes where I assume it got fed.

I have also posted photos of Wood Pigeons in this series but here we have a pair where the Male is seriously trying to impress the female. I think she was interested.

I have also posted several photos of the Clematis Montana but this is a wide view of it showing a mass of flowers.

And the last photo of Day 33 was this sliver of a Moon nestled between the dark trees across the road.

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