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Day 35 in our garden

Just 3 photos for Day 35 in this series where I have been looking for things in my garden or things I can see from my garden. All 3 are in the garden.

The header image is a repeat, a Coal Tit. This one is looking for spiders or spider’s webs in the space between bricks of our house. This “join” has a strip of wood in it that used to have a gate post nailed to it. I assume it dates back to when the house was built in the 1960s.

This is a tiny moth, about 7mm long, that I saw fly from the Choisya to the Buddleia. To help with ID I found Moth Tips 3 PDF on-line here at the Open Air Labs (OPAL) website that guided me to the Gracillariidae family and then Gracillaria syringella. But, as always, if you know different – let me know. The caterpillars feed on ash, privet and lilac. Next door have a Lilac.

This is a Bugle (Ajuga reptans) quite small but colourful just under our front window. It was planted by us about 19 years ago but keeps getting crowded out.

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