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Day 37 in our garden

I am starting to be guilty of publishing photos of the same species several times in this series but little Dunnocks are cute even if they do tend to blend into the background. The header image is of one being fed by a parent in our garden.

I did see the young one hopping about the grass apparently feeding itself but later I only saw it tucked away on the edges. Given that I had seen Magpies chasing Blackbirds it is possible that the one that had been hopping about the grass had a serious scare, or even is no more, which is why they are keeping out of the way now.

We have had a some rain now after several days of clear blue skies and this has brought out some snails. On 2 of the photos I have added a tentative ID. Just because they have different colouring doesn’t mean they are different species does it?

I often see Gulls circling overhead and I should really spend more time trying to identify them. I am going to say that these are Herring Gulls even though the tail of one is rounded and the other is straight.

And here is another repeat. I have posted Sparrowhawk before but it is not a bird I see very often so here is one from Day 37. Hopefully I will see more and get a better photo.

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