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Day 38 in our garden

I got out into the garden a couple of times today between the rain showers. While I was out the birds seemed quiet; I only spotted our young Dunnock a couple of times. I might be getting round to more re-caps soon if I don’t keep finding new things but Day 38 still saw a couple to take a photo of and put some words together about them.

It was only on 7 April that I spotted the Rosemary Beetles, on our Sage, for the first time. This is a comparatively new beetle for the UK. It was first spotted in London in the 1990s. I saw 5 on the Sage today and a larva. The larva looks as though it is bolted to the spot and is well on its way to being a pupa. I will be checking on it over the next few days.

I have been looking for beetles on our Rosemary but have yet to see any. It is now displaying a few small flowers. I am also checking the Oregano for creatures; I am expecting to see Mint Moths soon. I have yet to see Rosemary Beetles on the Rosemary.

The Chives also have flowers on them and a few are now open.

When I saw this fly land on the Hydrangea I pointed the camera at it not expecting it to stay there, but managed to get close enough for this view of it.

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