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Day 39 in our garden

No new species for Day 39 in our garden, but still something new. There was even a Leeds-Live article about it.

The header image is of the Moon as of 16:50.

At 9:00am I was outside with my camera having a look around. Looking up to see if there were any birds flying over, when, with a bit of a drone, this big bird flew by at 9:04. It’s an RAF Airbus A400-180. Flight tracking suggests it is ZM415 on circuits for training purposes. Apparently several civil airports are being flown over for practice while there is a greatly reduced number of civil aircraft in the air.

During the afternoon I was in the garden again and the young Dunnock hopped around a little. At one point it settled down and fluffed its feathers up a bit and turned its head on one side appearing to be catching the Sun and warming itself up. It has a way to go yet before it gets the beady eye of the adults.

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