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Day 40 in our garden

Have I really kept this going for 40 consecutive days now? There are a couple of new things from our garden for Day 40 but I think I might have to start venturing further afield soon to keep new things coming. I’ll probably do a couple of re-caps first though.

The header image is one of the new items, as is the one above – Herb Robert. A lovely, colourful tiny flower.

And another new flower for Day 40 of the series, a bright yellow Buttercup.

You might have guessed that, in our garden, we are quite relaxed about what are weeds and what are perfectly acceptable garden plants.

Back on Day 8 in our garden I posted a photo of a Leafhopper but these two look different, either they are a different species, or much older than the one from Day 8. I reckon same but older. I wonder if this shows a male and a female? The pattern on the neck is different but I have no idea if that is significant. More Googling and Nature Spotting needed.

These two are new photos of a Rosemary Beetle and the Moon. I know photos of them have been shown several times before, but I still like them.

This is the index to the Days in our garden series.






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