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Day 41 in our garden

We have a few tiny creatures for Day 41, one being a tiny Spider so if you don’t like Spiders – take care, but it is tiny.

During the day I finally fully uncovered the Bee Hive Compost bin. It had been covered in Ivy and was tucked behind a rather prickly Holly bush. I managed to get the compost out of it (by tipping the thing up) and moved the bin to the side.

I then put some of the compost (it looked like good stuff) on one of the vegetable plots. As expected a Robin was the first to visit the area. They can smell out disturbed soil and come in close to get the insects. There were lots of Woodlice and Centipedes. The header image is this same Robin on the newly tipped out compost.

A Blackbird was not far behind.

A juvenile Dunnock kept coming in too but the Robin was not happy about that, it kept chasing it away and looked very aggressive as it was doing it.

At the back left corner of our back garden we have a line of Hedge Garlic seeming to protect the darkness under the bushes and trees behind. This is where I keep hoping to see a Chaffinch but so far no luck since I started this Day in our garden series.

The eagle eyed of you might have spotted the Aphid between the 2 top petals of the Buttercup from Day 40. There seem to be a few flying around but I had to go looking for them. I finally found some on a Rose in the back garden. I guess this is an adult churning out living offspring.

While looking for for Aphids and Mint Moths (still no sign of them on the Oregano or Sage) I did spot this tiny Mosquito like fly on the Rosemary. If you know the width of Rosemary leaves you will get an idea of how small that it. Equally small was a Spider in a web on another Rose. (Juvenile Araneus diadematus)

And to finish up with here’s a smart looking female Blackbird and a photo of one of the new Iberis plants in our front garden.

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