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Day 43 in our garden

Day 43 in this series, where I have tried to show something new each day, is still going. Day 32 was a re-cap of birds and Day 42 was not a re-cap and did not have anything new just 2 photos of a Greenfinch. Apart from those two I have brought something new each day and every photo, apart from the re-cap, was taken on that day. It is getting more and more difficult to get photos of new subjects so I am wondering how to finish – we’ll see.

The new one for Day 43 is this Hebe pinguifolia Pagei. It is a bit of a straggler and needs me to tidy up the bed that it is in to give it a better chance. It seems to have been pushed out a bit and some of it trails really low over the edge of the path and it has taken me a while to notice that it is worth a photo.

In the same front bed under the window we have a climbing rose that is now starting to get Aphids on its younger shoots.

Still in the front garden the tree at the corner is a popular perch for birds to sing from. It has had Wood Pigeon, Collared Dove and Blackbird singing from it and I have posted a couple of photos in this series. This one shows a Dunnock singing away.

A more distant view from the front garden shows that some trees have yet to fill with leaves.

We also have birds singing in the back garden, like this Great Tit.

For a few years now I have hung from a tree a short plank of wood that has a fat-block feeder fastened to each side. One side is filled with Moss raked from the “grass” and the other side is filled with feathers from an old pillow. I have watched several birds pulling stuff out or picking dropped bits up from the ground. This one, and the header image, is a Greenfinch getting some of the feathers.

I think the one getting the feathers is female but this one on the ground is male. Perhaps this is similar behaviour to that seen in the Goldfinch – I posted photos of a Goldfinch collecting grass stalks a few days ago. One of the pair collects material while the other watches nearby.

Just the other side of our back Hawthorn hedge I had spotted Blackbirds settling into some Ivy. I had also seen them busy with nesting material. It looked very much like they had a nest. More recently there was a big commotion with Blackbirds and Magpie in that area and now we have Blackbird nest building again. I wonder if it is all connected?

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