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Day 44 in our garden

A great first for the series on Day 44. Not a particularly good photo so hopefully I will get better ones another day but a great record shot.

I knew they were around, I had reports from birders for a few days that Swifts were flying and screeching in the area. I had to be quick to get these 2 shots of one swooping around. I didn’t have chance to extend the zoom on the lens so these were taken at 150mm and not 600. Now that I have seen them I am trying to be more prepared for them flying over so that I can get some better photos.

I have seen one of these before, I am pretty sure it is a silvered weather balloon. This one was heading North West over Baildon. The one I saw before was over to the East a bit and heading North and was a bit lower/closer than this one. I don’t think it is a satellite though some of them are visible when the conditions are right.

These are more new things for the Day in our garden series, a Hoverfly (more common than the Bee Hoverfly shown early on in the series) and a Daisy.

The header image is a rather wet Jackdaw. A nearby house has a flat roof to the garage and it looks as though water pools on it. This Jackdaw was having a good splash around. I am surprised there wasn’t a rainbow.

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