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Day 46 in our garden

Day 46 started looking a bit grey but it was not thick grey and as promised it soon cleared to give a mainly blue sky with some fluffy white clouds. They occasionally hid the Sun but not for long.

The header image is looking West from our house at about 5:00pm and the one above is looking South from our house. The day was starting to cool down a bit by then but still very pleasant.

About a half hour earlier the sky had a little bit of excitement when the Police Helicopter flew around a little. I would say it was flying over Leeds Road, Thackley, or perhaps along the river. I have not posted photos of clouds (as the subject) in this series but I can’t call them new so I will say that the new thing for today is the Police Helicopter.

I have posted a photo of this Daisy earlier in the series but this 7 second video is made from 195 photos of it opening today, with 1 photo taken each minute.

This is the index to the Days in our garden series.






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