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Day 47 in our garden

Some new things and some repeats for Day 47. The last one is a spider.

Forget Me Not are small flowers so it is only when you get up close that you see some of the detail. I know I have posted photos of these before during the series but the banks of blue are rather nice, and I have transplanted dozens of them this year.

I have also posted photos of the Clematis before but when you see a mass of flowers like this you have just got to take a photo.

These are two new ones for the series though. A small white Wild Strawberry and a Rose bud that is about to burst. It shows promise for a good display in a few days.

Blue Tits have featured several time during the series but during Day 47 I thought I would try something different. I put my camera closer and took the photos using a wireless remote shutter release. It shows that the birds are taking food into the nest box so they have young in there. Let’s hope they fair better than the Long Tailed Tits next door. They fledged a day ago but they didn’t head for cover quick enough. Magpies that have been nesting nearby came and took them all.

I know it can be difficult to tell but this spider is only 6 or 7 mm long as it sits in the middle of its web.

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  1. […] I am still hoping that one of these days, during the series, I will spot a Chaffinch, Wren or Goldcrest in our garden. In the meantime the header image is of the opening rose that I posted a photo of back on Day 47. […]

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