Day 55 in our garden

I know the series is Day xx in our garden so technically this shouldn’t count but I can stretch it a bit and say that the conservatory is in our garden.

The header image, and the one above, is of a Great Tit in our conservatory. I decided I needed to give it some help so I had to catch it and take it outside to let it go. I had a little look at it in my hands and it looked back at me quite content. Prior to that it was quite flustered as I tried to get hold of it. It would probably have eventually found its own was out but it did keep hitting the windows rather hard for such a tiny head. It also looks as though it has been finding cobwebs under the sofa.

To finish Day 55 I have added a wider photo of the Chives in our garden than the others I have posted, which is not as exciting as chasing a bird around the conservatory.

Here’s Day 54 in our garden.

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