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Day 58 in our garden

What a scorching day for Day 58 in this series. Lovely blue skies and plenty of Sun. We have two new things for Day 58.

Carpet Beetle on Oregano in our garden

When I had confirmed the ID of this tiny creature on the Oregano in the garden I thought I would use its “proper” name to avoid any bad thoughts about it being around, but I am not sure that Anthrenus verbasci is any better than Carpet Beetle. At least it was in the far side of the garden. We probably have them in the house though.

Black Headed Gull from our garden

New species number two for this day was a Black Headed Gull flying over the house.

The Runner Beans have only been in the garden for a few days but they already have bugs on them, like this Shield Bug. The header image is also this Shield Bug.

The remnants of the gape at the edges of the beak of this bird shows that it is a juvenile. It is also a little less grey than the other Dunnocks around.

Dandelion Clock in our garden

I should really be a bit more vigilant and pick these before they start shedding their seeds.

Centipede in our garden

This common Centipede (Lithobius variegatus) was in bright sunshine so was a bit easier to photograph than when I first posted one in this series.

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