Day 6 in our garden

Eee! It’s been a bit cold out there, I don’t intend to spend any more time in the garden today.

Most of today seemed very quiet apart from soon after I had dug and loosened some soil. Quiet a few worms were exposed but I had the wrong lens to get close enough for them. The Blackbird that I have put as the header image came looking for them though.

And a few minutes later so did this Robin. It did not oblige by perching on the handle of my spade.

I know I say “in our garden” but this Wood Pigeon next-door still counts, I was still in my garden. I think it was looking at the peanuts that are in a feeder hanging on the end of what looks as though it could have been washing line at one time.

Here’s Day 5 in our garden.

This is the index to the Days in our garden series.

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