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Day 60 in our garden

I have not spent much time in the garden for Day 60, it was far too gusty. Though I did have a look around at the flowers that are growing. The header image is the New Dawn Rose that I have shown a couple of times now. I like it.

The Albertine Rose has also been shown before. It was tricky to get this photo of it from the top of the step ladder with it blowing in the wind.

This shows that the transplanted Geraniums are doing fine.

The Geranium (x cantabrigiense ‘Karmina’) is one of the new ones bought a couple of weeks ago and is new for this series. There are only a couple of its flowers open so far but there are plenty of buds. Getting the photos of the Geraniums was a bit easier though hard on the knees as I had to get down low. In the Karmina shot you can see the blue of the Forget Me Knots behind the plant.

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